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Deisinging curriculum

We provides just in time curricular support to faculty and colleges who are designing, developing or redeveloping a course or program of studies.

We use an outcomes-based approach to curriculum,which should be contemporary and minimizez the gap between teaching and practicing. Curriculum refers to the principle driven actions and processes that guide and foster significant learning experiences. It includes the development and organization of learning activities designed to meet intended learning outcomes. It also involves the thoughtful assessment of those learning outcomes. The ultimate goal of curriculum is to enhance the quality and impact of the teaching and learning experience.


We provides support in documentation as well as process reengineering in Accreditation process.udies.

Carving Talent has the expertise as well as experience to guide a institution to achieve accreditation .

Accreditation is a process of quality assurance & improvement, whereby a programme in an institution is critically appraised to verify that the institution or the programme continues to meet & exceed the Norms and Standards prescribed by time to time. Accreditation does not seek to replace the system of award of Degrees and Diplomas by the Universities/autonomous institutions. But, accreditation provides quality assurance that the academic aims and objectives of the institution are known to be honestly pursued and effectively achieved by the resources currently available, and that the institution has demonstrated capabilities to ensure effectiveness of the educational programme(s), over the validity period of accreditation.

The unprecedented expansion of the management education sector in India in recent years has brought in its wake questions about the quality of the education imparted, the competence of the graduates and their relevance to the current technical manpower needs of our country. The concurrent ISO standardization movement in the industrial scene has highlighted the need for accrediting management education programmes, especially in terms of their role as the main suppliers of technically qualified human resource.

Affiliation of AICETE , ETC, /Placement,/Admission, etc.,

Our expertise and experience also lies in seeting up new colleges which requires a stringent process of fulfilling norms of regulatory bodies and at the same time to bring in pool of good academicians in the form of advisors ,governing bory and academic council.