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“Carving Talent” is an initiative launched by the collective intelligence of a team of professionals who have excelled in divergent fields of the society and nourish the common dream of “Refining human potential” with a view to help organizations and individuals grow and excel in their area of interests through specific knowledge, skills and competency building Interventions.

“Carving Talent” believes that all the elements that constitute our Society is a “single unit” and the specific interventions it would be engaging in for the growth and excellence of human potential must result in refining the Society as a whole for the harmonious co-existence of the stakeholders of the society, The Human beings.

Though talent constitutes an important ingredient that helps individuals and organizations to succeed, we at Carving Talent believe that true success can be achieved only when a talented person acts responsibly and ethically where he is mindful of what he is doing. We believe that the “intolerance” we see in our society is actually as a result of the “Trust deficit” arising out of greed which has its genesis in erroneous or no knowledge and understanding of ethics and mindfulness. Therefore all the knowledge dissemination and competency enhancement sessions conducted by CT precedes a “comprehensive assessment test” of the individuals and situations he works in. The “Assessment” also involves competency mapping of the person through “Traits” analysis.

We at “Carving Talent” strongly believe that every individual has inherent talent inside him and therefore has a responsibility towards the other individuals that forms a family, society and the country as a whole and hence have laid out a frame work for nourishing the less privileged segments of the society by engaging them for free knowledge and competency enhancement sessions, be it in the schools, colleges or in the unorganized sections both in urban and rural areas.


Energised minds, efficient intellect, acquired competency & professionalism to apply “the carved wisdom” for growth, excellence and wellbeing of all the stakeholders and that of the Society we live in general.


To prove that value based professionalism is not a hypothesis.